Marina Parcs
Marina Parcs
Marina Parcs

Marina Parcs

    One-of-a-kind accommodation
    Located by the water
    Amsterdam area

Marina Parcs

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A stay at Marina Parcs is the perfect starting point for a wonderful holiday on the water. Marina Parcs offers unique accommodations that are spread across several marinas in and near Amsterdam. As a result, Marina Parcs offers you the tranquility of life on the water combined with the vibrant city life of Amsterdam.

From a one-of-a-kind accommodation in an attractive Havenlodge for 6 people to a unique stay in a Tiny Wagon for 2 people. Or how about a stay on the oldest houseboat in the Netherlands? The Havenlodges are located on the jetties between the yachts, and the Tiny Wagons have a beautiful view over the Markermeer lake. Have you always wanted to spend the night by the water? If so, Marina Parcs has the perfect accommodations for you.


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pend the night in a compact and fully equipped "apartment" that floats on the water. Take a look at the harbor lodges in Amsterdam, Naarden, and Lelystad!

Houseboat De Zwerver

De Zwerver is the oldest residential/studio boat of the Netherlands. De Zwerver was built at shipyard De Vlijt in Oude Wetering in 1900.

Tiny wagons
Stay the night in your own Tiny Wagon!

A Tiny Wagon is a construction trailer that has been converted into a small, cozy sleeping accommodation. You will find them in Naarden and Almere.

Water Bubbles

Marina Parcs offers various special accommodations on and near the water such as these water bubbles for 2 persons. Take a look!


Rent a furnished tent at Marina Parcs, camping behind the dunes of the Markermeer lake. Wake up in a stay of your choice. Take a look and book it now!


At Marina Parcs in Almere you can rent a chalet at the waterfront for your next holiday or weekend break. Enjoy the watery surroundings!