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Tiny house for rent in the Netherlands

Tiny house for rent in the Netherlands

  • Tiny house overnight stay
  • In Almere and Naarden
  • Located on the water

Tiny house for rent in the Netherlands

Are you looking for such a fun and hip tiny house stay in the Netherlands? Tiny houses come in many different forms and luxury levels, with each with its own charm. At Marina Parcs you can rent a tiny house in the Netherlands. Both in Naarden and Almere are nice tiny houses at the waterfront of Marina Parcs. How about a tiny house on wheels? These tiny wagons are restyled chains with various conveniences. A tiny house night at Marina Parcs is also possible in our water bubbles; a wooden pod floating on the water! It is certainly unique, if you choose to rent a tiny house in the Netherlands at Marina Parcs.

View the tiny houses in Almere and Naarden

Tiny house overnight stay in Almere or Naarden

At Marina Parcs you can choose between a tiny house on wheels or a tiny house on the water. Both are justly a special overnight stay and ideal for a night, weekend or midweek away. The tiny wagons are located in the yacht port of Naarden and Almere and have different versions. In Almere, you can choose from the cheerfully painted in the water theme tiny wagons or the stylish tiny wagons in shades of grey. In Naarden there are orange-brown tiny wagons that offer a view of the inland water of the marina. The tiny wagons have a bunk bed or a double bed, a small kitchen inventory, heating and a terrace with picnic table. You can also use the communal kitchen and the sanitary facilities in the harbor.

Would you like to experience what it's like to sleep on the water, but you don't have your own boat? Our tiny house on the water, the water bubble , provides this special feeling. The wooden podge, located in Almere, can also accommodate two people and is equipped with basic equipment. Thanks to its position on the water, you can enjoy the swell of the waves and a magnificent view of the marina.

Impression of the atmosphere of our tiny houses

Marinas facilities and surroundings

If you choose to rent a tiny house in the Netherlands in the marina of Almere or Nature you can, of course, use the facilities. Be surprised by various snacks and drinks in the restaurant, rent a boat and go sailing, play a game of football in the Panna cage or take a dip in the water. Renting a tiny house in the Netherlands near Amsterdam also means that you can make many nice trips. Madame Tussauds, the Palace on Dam Square or the Anne Frank House? From your tiny house on wheels or the water it is only a half-hour drive to the capital. When to rent a tiny house at Marina Parcs?


Naarden Marina

Naarden Marina in the Naarden Forest is one of the largest marinas in the Netherlands. It has more than 1,200 berths. The marina offers plenty of sporting fun for the whole family.

Marina Almere

Water, boats and beach...Marina Muiderzand has everything for water and sailing enthusiasts. Fast competitive sailors, sun worshippers and nature lovers: welcome on board!

House on the Veluwe

Would you like to spend the night on the Veluwe and are you looking for a special house on the Veluwe? Marina Parcs has a tiny wagon for 2 people!