Marina Parcs
Summer break on the waterside

Summer vacation

  • Accommodations on the waterside
  • At 6 locations in the Netherlands
  • Ideal for fishing, boating, and water sports

Summer break on the waterside

A lovely sun, comfortable temperatures, and water nearby. Honestly, what else do you need for your summer break in the Netherlands? At Marina Parcs you can easily rent a special accommodation on the waterside or on the water itself, for up to 7 persons. When you enjoy your summer break on the waterside at Marina Parcs, you will stay in a Dutch marina in Amsterdam, Almere, Monnickendam, Naarden, Lelystad, or Volendam. This provides the ideal opportunities for hours and hours of fishing, boating, or other water fun watersports. The marinas have various facilities you can make use of during your summer break on the waterside. In the evening the patio of your accommodation allows you to watch the sunset or listen to the gently babbling water. A summer break on the waterside, it won't get more nice than that.