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  • Directly on or near the waterfront

Accommodation near the Floriade in Almere in 2022

The Floriade 2022 is a large event that you may want to visit over several days. At Marina Parcs, you can stay just 9 kilometers from the Floriade 2022 in Almere at Marina Muiderzand. That's only 10 minutes by car or half an hour by bike! Our locations in Naarden and Lelystad are also close by. The Floriade is an event that takes place once every ten years. In 2022, the event will be held from April 14 to October 9. So don't miss out and enjoy a mini holiday at Marina Parcs by booking a stay during Floriade 2022! At Marina Parcs, you can enjoy a special night on or near the water. You can stay with 2 to 7 people during the Floriade in Almere in 2022. From April to October, when are you staying at Marina Parcs for the Floriade?

Marinas near Floriade 2022⤵

Accommodation during Floriade 2022

When you choose to stay at Marina Muiderzand, Marina Naarden, or Deko Marina during the Floriade in Almere in 2022, you will not only enjoy your special accommodation on or near the water, but also the facilities you can find in the marinas. At Marina Muiderzand, for example, there is a beach bordering the IJmeer lake, a beach pool located in the marina, various catering establishments where you can enjoy a meal or a drink, and several sanitation facilities. In Marina Naarden you will also find a natural swimming pool, a nice restaurant, and a playground for the children. Deko Marina in Lelystad has a delicious Italian restaurant, a BBQ area, and a boat and bike rental service, among other things.

In the marinas you can choose a stay on the water or one at the water's edge. From Marina Lodges to Tiny Wagons and from Waterbubbel to the oldest houseboat in the Netherlands. A stay at Marina Parcs during the Floriade in 2022 is an excellent idea!

Facilities marinas

The facilities at the marinas include:

  • Catamaran beach
  • Natural swimming pool
  • Various catering facilities
  • Playgrounds and street soccer court
  • Laundry and sanitary facilities
  • Fishing spots
  • Bike and boat rental
  • BBQ place

First impression of your stay during Floriade 2022 📸

To-do's during your stay

Naturally, you will want to visit the Floriade in Almere in 2022. The theme is "Growing Green Cities". From April 14, 2022, Almere will be the stage for the world horticultural exhibition Floriade Expo 2022 for six months. The Floriade park is a celebration of green and sustainable technology. In this living laboratory, you will be touched by what you see, smell, and taste. Inspiring gardens, conferences, workshops, and exhibitions alternate with impressive attractions, surprising snacks, art, and culture. Would you like an easy way to visit the Floriade? Rent a bike at Marina Muiderzand! Indeed, you can be at the Floriade 2022 in just half an hour by bike. Naturally, the Floriade is also easily accessible by car from Deko Marina and Marina Naarden.

When you decide to plan a stay during Floriade 2022, it would of course be nice to also do some other activities. During your holiday by the waterside, you can go in all directions due to the advantageous location in the middle of the country. From the marinas near the Floriade in Almere, you can take trips to the Muiderslot castle, Fort Island Pampus or the Dolfinarium Marine Mammal Park in Harderwijk. Or spend a day in Amsterdam, Almere, or Naarden! You will not be bored for a single moment during your stay at the Floriade in Almere in 2022.

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